SHOE MGK Big Shoe Cleaner & Conditioner


Created by popular demand for our repeat customers, the Shoe MGK Big Shoe is our best value and most economical way to purchase the amazing Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner.

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We decided to start offering our SHOE MGK Cleaner & Conditioner in a 32 oz. bottle due to the popular demand that we received from customers. This bottle is the most economical option that we can provide to our customers! This one bottle will clean and restore hundreds of pairs of shoes.

SHOE MGK Cleaner & Conditioner is specifically formulated to effectively clean and prolong the life of all types of footwear. It removes any stain you throw its way including oil, grease, grime, grass, blood, red clay, certain inks and paints, stains, and more. SHOE MGK Cleaner & Conditioner is derived from all natural environmentally friendly ingredients.

Kit Contains:
(1) 32 oz. Cleaner & Conditioner

Sneakers, Athletic & Fitness Footwear: Wet brush. Apply small amount to brush and scrub thoroughly. Wipe dry with clean, dry towel.

Suede & Nubuck Footwear: Apply a small amount to clean, dry bristle brush. Scrub entire area thoroughly and evenly. Let dry overnight. Brush up nap with a clean, dry bristle brush. Do not use water. For spot cleaning, use SHOE MGK Nubuck & Suede Kit.

Smooth Leather Footwear: Apply to a dampened soft cloth, sponge, or soft bristle brush. Apply onto areas smoothly and evenly. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away excess moisture and dirt.

Fabric Footwear: Apply to a wet brush. Scrub thoroughly and evenly. Rinse material. Let dry naturally out of direct sunlight.

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